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Trips & Excursion

  Bhopal-Bhimbetka-Sanchi Stupa Trip

84 students accompanied by 10 teachers went to Bhopal for an educational trip. Bhimbetka and Sanchi Stupa-the two World Heritage Sites, were the main highlights of the educational tour. A very well organised trip, it catered to all the needs of the children-education, food, fun and travel. Children enjoyed the journey to the Stone Ages, where lives of cave dwellers and the rock paintings impressed them. A trip to the museum enlightened the students about history, art and culture. The Sanchi Stupa-nestled amidst the Vindhyas gave the children an idea of the growth of Buddhism and King Ashoka’s contribution in spreading this religion.

Educational Trip to Astroport, Sariska Tiger Reserve

Students of Classes V, VI and VII in separate groups visited Astroport in Tehla District, Rajasthan, as part of an exciting and enriching educational trip organised by SPACE. On the way, the children enjoyed a delicious meal at McDonalds. The trip started with a trek around Astroport where the students loved exploring fish farms, organic farms and solar panels. The sky gazing session began with an introduction to the Telescope, assembling it, focusing and alignment. Children watched the Milky Way, stars and planets through the telescope. After a short break, the children gathered to observe the universe and craters on the moon. The hands-on experience of using a kit to observe and spot various constellations was quite enjoyable for the children. The session ended with a bonfire at midnight. The next morning began with an adventurous safari to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. A sumptuous lunch at Haldiram was surely one of the key attractions of the trip.


11 students of DPS Faridabad, along with the Vice Principal, Ms Vibha Singh, proceeded to Cedar Rapids, IOWA and Chicago from 25 July to 7 August 2015 on a student Enrichment Program organized by Transition Lab University Prep School, USA. The idea behind the program was to expose the students to the American Education System to develop a global mindset & experience its culture. The students attended classes at John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids at IOWA. They attended classes in English, American History, Political Science, Human Relations & Career Options and were mesmerized by the interactive, activity based, technologically sound classes. They also visited University campuses such as the University of IOWA, Coe College and Mercy University. The evenings were spent in different fun filled learning activities such as watching ‘Sheer Madness’ at the theatre, dancing at the City Centre, Shopping at Magnificent Mile, visiting the Amana colonies of German Settlers, a heritage site and a visit to the Indian temple. The programme also included interaction with dignitaries such as the Mayor and a visit to the candy factory. A tour of Chicago by Cruise on Chicago River and Lake Michigan exposed the children to the magnificent architecture of the city. The last day, observed as the Graduation Day & Indian Day saw the President of the Education Board give certificates to our children who were much appreciated for their confidence. It was a programme par excellence and besides everything else, the students learnt the importance of civic sense, time management and adjustment in a different socioeconomic setup. The tour was very well planned, the reception was warm and cordial, so much so that the last day saw a lot of tears on having to return to home territory.