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Criteria For Awards




Class III            :    Books for A* in all four (04) scholastic subjects.

Class IV & V     :    Books for A* in all five (05) scholastic subjects excluding 3rd language.

Class VI-VIII      :    Books for A1 in all  six(06) scholastic subjects.

Class IX - X       :    Books for A1 in all  five(05) scholastic subjects.

Class XI            :    Books for 5 overall Toppers -streamwise (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce). Books for subject proficiency as per marks scored and for section topper (1st and 2nd).

B. Medals awarded :

1. President's Gold Medal   -    Topper in Class XII

2. Din Dayal's Gold Medal   -    Excellence in Mathematics (Class XII)

3. Chairman's Gold Medal   -    Hard work and Perseverance

4. Principal's Gold Medal
a. All rounder                -    Performance in class XII
b. All rounder                -    Performance in class X

5. Justice Grover's Gold Medal-      Most disciplined student

6. Mrs. Kanta Grover's Gold Medal- Creative writing

7. Vice Chairman's Gold Medal -    Good Samaritan

C.  Performance in Literary /Cultural/Arts Fields  (from Govt. Recognised/registered Organisation)

1.  Gold Medal for position at National Level /participation at International Level.

2.  Silver Medal for position at  State Level /participation at National Level.

3. Bronze Medal for participation at  State Level .

(c) Scholar Badge (Blue) : (For IX - X)  Scoring average grade point 8.4 and above (formative + summative) for 4 consecutive years.

*    If a child fails to score  CGPA 8.4 or above after having received the Blue Blazer, he will receive the Blue Badge in the year after  but will be considered in the category of the Green Badge and will not be eligible for the Scholar Tie or Scholar Badge.

(d) Scholar Tie : Scoring  average grade point 8.4 and above. (formative + summative) in class  X and for previous 5 consecutive years.

(e) Scholar Medal : Scoring 75% and above in XI and the required corresponding marks in the previous 6 years. (for (b) to (f)  for class XI - 75% and above)

ABSENTEEISM  (During Test or Exam.)

1.    (Classes XI & XII)

Students who have not appeared for  one of the cycle tests of a semester will be awarded average marks on the basis of the other cycle test in that semester. Those who miss both the cycle tests in a semester will be given  average on the basis of the semester exam results.  This will be subject to (a) medical certificate from a  registered  Govt. Medical Practitioner(b) in case  a child is representing school in a competition(c) has joined school late (d) any other exigency.

2.    (Classes VI - X)

a)  Students who have not appeared for  cycle tests of either FA 1 or  FA 2 cycle tests, average will be awarded on the basis of the other cycle test of that semester.  It is important to note that the average will be given for the 35 marks (30 marks for classes IX and X)  written cycle test only  whereas the hands on will be assessed for that cycle separately . The same will be followed in semester II(FA 3+ FA 4).

b)  In case the student has not appeared for both the formative tests, the weightage for the formative assessment will be awarded on the basis of a retest.

c) i.  In case a student has not appeared for the retest, then average will be granted on the basis of summative assessement but such students will not be considered  eligible for the proficiency award.

    ii. It is mandatory for a student to appear for both the summative exams. In case of absence, a retest would be conducted.

3.    Classes VI – VIII : Students who have joined  the School late and have not appeared for FA 1 and certain subjects of FA2, their result shall be calculated on the basis of SA1.  Subjects for which they have appeared for FA2, 20% shall be awarded for the same and 30% for SA 1(. Those who have  not appeared for FA1 and FA2 , both, 50% of SA1 will be taken into consideration. Same will followed for Semester II (FA3, FA4 and SA2).

4.    Classes IV & V : A child will be eligible for the proficiency award only if he/she has appeared for all the subjects in Semester Examinations. However, Scholar Badge will be awarded to those who miss the exams due to the following reasons:

a.  Representing school in Inter-school Competitions
b.  Medical reasons
c.  Any other exigency

5.    Classes IV – XII : Any student found using unfair means in Monday Tests or Semester Exams  will be debarred from any academic honour or becoming member of the school council for that session.  However, if he / she  is eligible for   a scholar badge for the previous year then he/she  will be awarded separately and not with other children on the stage on the day of the Award function.


1. Weekly tests / Formative assessments are compulsory for all students of classes III - XII. Satisfactory written explanation for absence has to be given to the Class Teacher and duly approved by the Headmistress / Vice Principals, failing which, a student will be marked zero in that test.

2. A definite seating plan, mixing two classes will be followed for weekly tests, class IV onwards.

3. Information regarding the syllabus of these Weekly tests/ Formative assessments is given in the class syllabus booklet.

4. A student will be allowed to leave school after a Weekly test/ Formative assessments only on valid grounds with prior permission of the Headmistress/Vice Principal/Principal.